The manufacturer has enjoyed success with its PetainerKeg in Canada, especially with customers looking for an alternative to traditional steel kegs, offering a number of total cost of ownership and logistic benefits, explained Petainer.

The new design replicates standard keg fittings and also prevents the keg from automatically depressurising when it is empty or disconnected.  

According to Petainer, end users can benefit from this easier-to-use solution that ensures kegs can be tapped and untapped multiple times, while allowing for significantly easier cleaning of lines or moving around kegs. 

The valve, highlighted by its distinctive red centre, has fewer moving parts inside, which make it stronger and more robust than previous versions.

Andres Jensen, vice president of Petainer Canada explained: “The launch of the new valve is a really good example of Petainer’s commitment to continuous product improvement and our approach of listening and responding to our customers to ensure the best user-experience possible.”