British Columbia’s Whistler Brewing has unveiled a new beer ‘Dos Esqueletos’ (Two Skeletons) that will hit stores next month.

The 5% beer, which features Pilsner malt and Cluster, Willamette and Sterling hops has been aged and conditioned over tequila barrel staves.

The brewery explained: “The Whistler Dos Esqueletos Lager is new to the Whistler family of beers. This lightly hopped lager is clean and easy drinking with mellow aromas of citrus, hops and a touch of tequila with a crisp and refreshing finish.

“Aged on genuine tequila barrel staves, this Mexican-style lager comes alive with flavor. You’ll feel it in your bones.”

‘Dos Esqueletos’ is the official beer sponsor of Casa de Amigos – Cinco de Mayo, Downtown Vancouver’s biggest Cinco de Mayo celebration, May 5th & 6th at Robson Square.