Merit Brewing, based in Hamilton, Ontario, has outlined a trio of flagship beers that will be available when it opens its doors in summer 2017.

Its first three beers are 3% table beer SVP, 5.3% saison Chanan and the stronger 6% Young Rival IPA.

Aaron Spinney, co-founder and head brewer at Merit Brewing Company, explained: “Our house table beer is our attempt at reclaiming the lunch time pint and reinventing the patio sipper. This is SVP, or S’il Vous Plait.

“At 3% SVP is no heavy hitter in the alcohol department, but packs a flavour filled punch of love. For a 3% beer to be good you need to factor in a few things: ABV, mouthfeel, taste, aroma, and head retention.

“At lower alcohol, it’s often hard for a beer to taste “big” or not too watery and thin. Using our French Saison yeast and a wallop of wheat, we created a beautiful, creamy, full-bodied baby Saison that some would refer to as a classic Grissette.”

Merit’s Chanan is a dry hopped saison with Indian coriander and fresh orange peel and the brainchild of co-founder Tej Sandhu.

Spinney added: “This beer is a 5.3% ABV Saison brewed with wheat and pilsner malt. It’s a classic style that we mixed up a bit by adding Indian coriander, fresh orange peels, and new world hops.

“Compared to generic coriander, Indian coriander is not only an amazing throw back to Tej’s roots and love of exploring Indian culinary techniques, but it’s far fruitier and has a full bouquet of citrus, black pepper, fruit loop flavour (I know you love em), stone fruit, and spring flowers.”

Elsewhere, its 6% Young Rival IPA aims to prove that the style doesn’t have to be “the caesar salad on a menu at a roadhouse diner”.

Spinney explained: “Young Rival” reflects Hamilton’s position as a burgeoning city in Ontario. There is a determination that comes with being a Hamiltonian. It also reflects Merit’s position in the brewing industry, as a brewery lead by a young team that is determined and unwavering in its goals and values.

“The beer focuses on hops but is complimentary to the simple malt bill (with no Crystal or Caramel malts) that lends itself beautifully to an unforgiving head as well as a nice smooth balanced mouthfeel.

“We use El Dorado, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops. To you those words might seem like silly things to say, but to us they are beautiful colours to paint with. This is our art, and we love using colour. The IPA boasts huge notes of cantaloupe, peach, mango, pine, fresh meadow, spring mornings, and warm hugs from your favourite aunt.”