North Keg is the brainchild of Matt Wowchuk, an idea that came about following a conversation with a friend who had recently finished brewing college and informed him of the time and cost issues associated with keg ownership.

Wowchuk explained: “We opened North Keg with one goal in mind – to provide brewers with an alternative pathway to owning the best quality kegs in the industry.

“After six months of planning and meetings with industry professionals, we realized we had found a niche that was in high demand.”

North Keg has partnered with Canada Kegs to supply their clients with Franke Blefa kegs. Each keg comes silk screened with the breweries logo and a laser etched 2D matrix code that is compatible with most keg tracking software.

North Keg“We chose Blefa kegs because we wanted to provide brewers with the best keg. You can’t compete with a 30-year warranty or the customer service they provide,” added Wowchuk.

The company is pushing its proposition based on a number of key selling points. These include low fixed monthly payments, the flexibility to keg ownership and the low financial credit risk involved.

He added: “I’m really excited about this business model. I think we’re going to be able to help craft breweries grow as we’re able to solve a large cash flow issue for them.”