Thirst For Knowledge is be bringing its state of the art and comprehensive beer education program to the Ontario brewery with the first date next week (10 July).

The Prud’homme Beer Certification was created by Roger Mittag, the professor of beer, in 2009  Through his company Thirst For Knowledge Inc., Mittag has come to realize that “we are all looking for a bit more information” when it comes to Canada’s favourite beverage.

The program began in 2009 with a series of classroom sessions.  Mittag later realized that he needed to expand the availability of the popular Toronto-based program.  That forethought led to the development of the world’s first online beer education program.

“This comprehensive program is still designed to meet the needs of all beer consumers.  We want it to be approachable and interesting”, he said.

Mittag added “We’ve often heard that wine aficionados are referred to as ‘snobs’.  That is the furthest thing from my mind. It is my hope that all beer drinkers will find value in Prud’homme Beer Certification.”

Prud’homme Beer Certification offers four levels, ranging from beer enthusiast to master sommelier in beer.

Level 1 – Beer Enthusiast

This introductory course in beer education is designed for participants interested in furthering their knowledge and interest in beer.

The focus will be on brewing ingredients and processes, tasting concepts, pouring and serving concepts (including an introduction to draught systems) and food and beer pairings.

Level 2 – Beer Specialist        

This course is designed and developed for participants who wish to take their knowledge of beer to another level.  The focus is to provide more detailed insights into brewing ingredients and processes, draught systems while introducing Canadian brewing history and further investigating negative sensory components.

Level 3 – Beer Sommelier

This third level of programming is geared to creating the title of Beer Sommelier; a more detailed, extensive look at the world of beer and methods of designing, developing and facilitating beer education programs and events.

Level 4 – Master  Sommelier, Beer

This final level of programming is designed to develop the skills of beer portfolio analysis.  Time is spent on understanding the various traditional beer, gaining in-depth understanding of beer and food pairings and creating a beer portfolio /program for clients.

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