Victoria, BC-based Phillips Brewing & Malting Co has installed a new 120 hectolitre brewhouse from Specific Mechanical Systems.

The automated system comprises brewhouse a mash vessel for mixing of the water and malt and two kettles that utilize a single external calandria for heating the wort.

A single stack condenser to collect steam from both kettles and cool it to water for use within the brewery also formed part of the install.

Phillips already owned a mash filter and centrifuge that were integrated into the brewhouse design to optimize brewhouse efficiency, ensuring the most beer is produced from the raw materials required for each batch.

Matt Phillips, founder and owner of Phillips Brewing & Malting Co, explained: “When it became obvious that we needed a new brewhouse, we wanted to ensure that we would be able to not only maintain the beer quality and consistency that we were used to, but also use the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of our brewhouse.

“We were thrilled with how Specific Mechanical Systems was able to accommodate these requests and build us a brewery that incorporated heat recovery, a mash press and hot side centrifuge – and do it all on a very short time line.”

Reo Phillips, president of Specific Mechanical Systems, added: “We were thrilled to work with the team at Phillips to define the scope of the project, manufacture this state of the art system and deliver it in a very quick three months.

“Being involved in the manufacture this system, with a focus toward environmental stewardship, has been a very rewarding process.”