Toronto business offers green cleaning systems

A newly-opened Toronto business, ChemStation Toronto, has said it can offer brewing industry clients a raft of environmentally friendly industrial cleaning systems such as custom formulated detergents and sanitizers.

ChemStation Toronto, a wholly owned subsidiary of Schwartz Chemical Corporation, will provide brewery businesses with a range of cleaning products via a unique system of delivery into refillable containers bringing “safety, convenience and local service” to the industry’s doorstep.

According to the company, the refillable containers offer many benefits including elimination of handling and disposing of plastic pails, drums or totes that may ultimately end up in landfill.

With the ChemStation system, it explained, there are no empty containers to discard or return, no wasted product and no disposal costs.

The company said: “The custom formulated products include brewery specific alkaline cleaners designed for every cleaning process on every surface from shipping and receiving to production and packaging areas.

“We also offer Free-rinsing CIP and COP cleaners that are ideal for kettles, mash tuns, lauter tuns, wort coolers, fermenters, brite tanks, keg wash machines, and all other applicable brewing equipment.”

ChemStation said the products are safer than powdered caustic products and do not leave undissolved residue. In addition the business offers speed line lubricants that rinse away clean and are safe for brewery equipment.

They add: “The ChemStation system includes the refillable containers in many sizes (450 litre to 1,325 litres) as well as dispensing equipment, proportioning systems, containment units, foamers, pumps and other necessary equipment for efficient chemical delivery.

“In addition there is an added system to help manage inventory. Telemetry units are available similar to existing CO2 systems used in many breweries today.”

ChemStation Toronto is a wholly owned subsidiary of Schwartz Chemical Corporation located in Pickering, Ontario. Schwartz Chemical has operated in the chemical business for more than 50 years and the new tie-up is with Chemstation International of Dayton, Ohio.