Beer is bigger than ever, with more money being spent than ever before and with more breweries per head of the population than any other country in the world.

One in every 100 jobs in Canada is supported by beer, while 85% of the beer sold in Canada, is made there.

However, despite being a mainstay in modern culture, there has been something of a disconnect between breweries and those that enable that process. Until now.

The Brewers Journal is a brand new quarterly publication designed to give breweries, distributors, and suppliers an essential insight into the issues that matter to them, and also how to take advantage of this growing market.

Produced by a team with a passion for beer, its production, and the culture surrounding it, The Brewer’s Journal is the new go-to magazine for breweries and retail businesses such as bottle shops.

The Brewers Journal gives breweries the latest insights into brewing equipment and associated technologies, as well as the drivers impacting the supply and production of essential ingredients such as hops, malts, and yeast.

Published in print four times a year, and complemented by a fully-fledged website updated on daily-basis, The Brewer’s Journal is essential reading for those involved, or interested, in the brewing industry.


The readers of The Brewer’s Journal share a common bond, a dedication to the production and supply of good beer. While this beer may be produced in Canada, it draws on inspiration from across the globe, using ingredients sourced internationally and equipment from a diverse number of manufacturers. And they have the purchasing power to invest.

The primary audience of The Brewers Journal are Canadian breweries. There are approximately 650  breweries operating in Canada.

This category is the title’s primary audience and encompasses the entire specturm of breweries such as Flying Monkeys, Steam Whistle, Garrison, Yukon Brewing, Driftwood, and Grand River as well as new businesses such as Brunswick Bierworks.

The magazine is also aimed at microbreweries and BrewPubs, increasingly popular trends in Canada, encompassing pubs that brew on site to small startups. In addition, The Brewers Journal is produced with retail businesses such as bottle shop owners -companies sell beer for consumption on site and also frequently hold classes on brewing.

The Brewers Journal Canada Edition comes to you from the team behind The Brewers Journal in the UK and Ireland. Less than a year into its cycle, it’s a title  that reaches 96% of the breweries in operation today.


Each issue of The Brewer’s Journal features comprehensive, and diverse, editorial coverage that ranges news of the latest product launches to in-depth features analysing growth areas of Canadian brewing. These include:

Equipment insight: A comprehensive news and feature overview of the latest launches and developments from the manufacturers of brewing equipment and associated equipment and products.

Regional reports: In-depth features investigating the growth, or decline, of certain regions, the breweries located here, the beers they specialise in, and the economic, legislative or government-led drivers behind this.

New beers: A breakdown of the latest beer launches from the major breweries across the globe.

Beer business news: A section dedicated to the news that will inform future feature articles. The focus here is news ranging from hop shortages and price increases or decreases to the incentives being offered to fledgling breweries to expand their business.

Meet the brewer: A classic profile piece but coupled with relevant market intelligence. A look at the background of the business, its journey, its current position regarding the beers it offers, and also where it anticipates growth.

Meet the beer: An informative section dedicated to one particular beer type or brewing technique each issue. This can range from Pale Ale varieties such as IPA and Saison to Lager, Gose, Lambic, Wheat, Sour and Dark Ales such as Stout and Porter. This will detail the main beers in each section, the market leaders and the newest brews that are having an impact on the market.