Sawdust City Brewing Company has installed a Brü Clean system, a move that will enable the Muskoka-based business to adopt a responsible approach to their wastewater management.

The Brü Clean system is designed to craft brewers treat wastewater in an affordable and responsible fashion. It is a chemical-free solution that cleans what’s left over from beer production so the water going down the drain is clear of solids, yeasts, phosphorus, nitrogen and more.

“It is impossible to live in Muskoka and for water not to be a priority,” explained Rob Engman, Brewmaster at Sawdust City Brewing. 

They added: “Not only do we support environmental responsibility, we feel wastewater planning is not an optional consideration.  We feel responsible water management is the most important topic currently being discussed among the Ontario Brewing Community.”

Sawdust City Brewing is treating their wastewater onsite, which helps reduce the burden on the District of Muskoka’s Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

In turn, this saves the District money and energy by solving the problem at source, costing significantly less to treat compared to treatment at the WWTP.

Engman added: “My suggestion to others considering wastewater treatment is to start planning now, consult other breweries on their plans and consider your brewery’s goals.

“We selected the Brü Clean system because we liked that the system is an onsite solution that will accommodate not only our immediate needs but is equipped to handle the requirements of our long term growth.”

Photo: Sawdust City Brewing Company